Q: Are you a sci-fi magazine?

A: No, we’re not looking for any specific genre. We just think aliens are cool.

Q: How often do you publish?

A: We publish electronically twice a year, once in August and once in February. Our open submission periods are from April - July and September - December.

Q: Do you pay for published work?

A: This is a goal of ours. We would love to, but unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to do it at this time.

Q: Do you accept submissions via email?

A: No. We only accept submissions via our Submittable page.

Q: Why does it cost money to submit?

A: We offer free submissions for the first 100 submitters in select categories per month. However, Submittable requires us to charge a small fee for every submission after that.

Q: Do you plan on submitting pieces for various awards like The Pushcart Prize and Best of The Net?

A: You bet!